• 119

    Mobile phones and pagers are nowadays items used by almost everyone, whithout which we might find ourselves in the impossibility of communication; we might find ourselves secluded indeed. It is said ...

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  • Vanity is the greatest of all sins 74

    What do we regard nowadays as values to guide us towards a happy, or at least accomplished life? Should you ask me, I will deffinately agree that vanity is the greatest of all sins. If you analyze it...

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  • It just takes a look into his eyes to raise your i... 75

    In this world there are realities that bring unimmaginable among us. The average people of the civilized countries regard surreal as a 1-week vacation on a secluded island, with an all-inclusive vaca...

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  • a "Salud!" to Gabriel Garcia Marquez for resurrect... 83

    Not long ago I discovered that my leisure readings are deeply connected to Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I search for any novel that I can find and I am eager to discover a totally different world from the...

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  • 97

    This post is about a clock put together after 10 years or so of research and statistics.I found out about numbers that elude true stories from Ioan T Morar's blog. And, as I've said before, it is a pi...

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  • How to understand a text 73

    In the last blog I posted some useful literature reading skills. In this article I want to share techniques that will help students, professionals or anyone trying to understand a certain text that re...

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  • 121

    The Romanian critic George Calinescu said in one of his writings that nowadays it gets harder for people to read efficientily, if not to read at all; they have lost the essence of true reading and th...

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  • The experience of writing a magazine. 75

    Many of my acquaintances may assert this is a somehow outdated subject I'm writing about, but I still am pretty proud of what my writing team and I have achieved. Being a journalist is a chore that ...

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  • Ubuntu! 82

    For I have stated discovering the true meaning of "Ubuntu" as my interest, why don't I commence sharing my flow of thoughts with this one African quote. If translated, Ubuntu would mean "I am who I ...

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