A Four-Day trip to Ireland

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I started the year in a really good way which is, of course…travelling. This year I’ve chosen to start my travelling tour with Ireland, a colorful country situated far away in the west. I’ve never been here, so I was really excited to just go and explore what Ireland has to offer. A four day trip turned out to be quite exciting, full of adventures and lots of cool stuff that I got to see.

How much did it cost me? Well, flights were around 20 euros (round trip), accommodation 30 euros (crazy, right?) and the rest of the budget I got to spend on food, souvenirs and bus tickets to other cities in Ireland.

I spent my first day in Dublin, probably the cutest capital I’ve seen so far, full of colorful buildings and narrow streets. Yes, the Irish accent has indeed proven to be quite challenging but with 10 seconds extra to actually decode what someone said to me, I think ...

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