New services – IT Services. How does IT work?

The full name of these services is Information technology service management. IT services is a way to support companies in the process of setting up, designing and managing technology information. There is a range of sub-services offered, these being business process services, application services and infrastructure. The term has been known since 1951.

IT services market

This market has experienced a gradual development, in the last century it has developed a lot. In the period 2021-2026, an increase in the use of these services of up to 9.76% is expected. Globally, their value is expected to reach $ 1123.57 billion by 2026.

This market can be divided into two parts, based on two criteria. The first criterion refers to the type of sub-markets on which these services are found. The second criterion is the geographical one – we are talking about the Asia-Pacific region, Western Europe, Easter...

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