Free Knowledge (1)

In 1998, my parents decided to buy me a (new) computer as a gift for passing the entry exam for the state university. After one or two months of waiting for the new computer to be built from scratch by a friend, I end it up with a 6×86 PC with 3½-inch floppy disk and CD reader. And suddenly I became a legend among my friends. This computer was a sort of universal passport that could give me access to worlds otherwise impossible to discover. And soon I began my journey by using its CPU at maximum.

What I knew back than is that the type of the network interface I am using is quite important for getting on the Internet. So, when my computer arrived, the next natural step was to get a good signal on my phone landline to connect to Internet. A revolutionary way to get outside my home without actually traveling outside my home.

I was familiar with Netscape and Internet Explorer...