Happy Easter!

Today is a beautiful spring day. It's sunny and bright. A gorgeous blue sky with playful clouds. It's a mild tempretaure today, 7 degrees Celsius.
And it's Easter Sunday.
Easter is a time of the year when Mother Nature fully awakens from her winter slumber. Nature doesn't wake up from her deep sleep instantly, but rather she takes time in stages to come back to life.
To me, the very first sign of spring is March 1st, the first calendaristic day of spring. The winter months are over, and March is the month that officially marks the beginning of spring.
Then the daylight saving hour comes along during the second weekend of March -- in North America at least. We move the clocks one hour ahead to make a better use of the daylight. Now we SEEM to have longer days, the afternoons are sunnier now, and we have the opportunity to be more productive and