POEM: Niagara Falls

I love coming back to Niagara Falls every year.
I have seen the majestic waterfalls each season – spring, summer, autumn, winter.
It’s oven hot to see it in the summertime and hell freezing in the wintertime,
But worth seeing it, nonetheless.
Every time I see Niagara Falls,
I discover it in a new light,
And I see it with different eyes.
The ever-present rainbow adorns the falls no matter the season,
Like a loyal friend and companion who never goes away.
I am on the Canadian side,
And I gaze at the American waterfall.
I am on the American side,
And I gaze at the Canadian waterfall.
The place I fell in love with from the very first time I set foot on Niagara Parkway is where the iconic waterfall goes straight down the river, at a ninety degrees angle.
I am so close to the fall,
I can touch it.
Autumn is the best time