Romanian crypto project LANCERIA reveals native token LANC available in 180 countries

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Romanian cryptocurrency LANC is available for purchase in over 180 countries, following the partnership between Lanceria and the local exchange CryptoCoin.PRO.

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LANCERIA, the Romanian technology project dedicated to the freelancing ecosystem, announces that its native token LANC, can now be bought directly by credit card and bank transfer, in over 180 countries around the world, based on the partnership between the platform and the exchange CryptoCoin.PRO.

CryptoCoin.PRO is fully licensed for crypto transactions in accordance with EU law and accepts card payments in any currency and withdrawals in euro bank accounts.

Lanceria is one of latest projects developed with blockchain technology, an entrepreneurial initiative which managed to gather funding of over one million dollars from the community and investors, in less than a month since its inception. According to the compa...

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