Want vs. Have To

Thing is like this: if you want to go to fishing, you must have money. If you wanna have money, you have to work.

That’s all about: “want” is determined by “should”. You want a clean house? You have to clean it. Want clean plates? You have to wash them. You want to be happy? You have to work on this goal. Want a better life? You have to organize yourself.

That “want” is a result of fulfillment of “have to”‘s. Nothing just falls from the sky out of the blue, nothing happens without some of what you need.

I see a lot of people disappointed by how their lives came to ~ 30 years, because they believed that even at this age are already riding high, will have better jobs, more money, 2-3 houses, 2-3 children and other things ranging from “I want”. The problem is that, somewhere along the way, the link between the two is lost. I want to have something, but I don’t understand that I have to work for that somet