Wigs in the past and in the present - a fashion item

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Over time, wigs have been a fashion item since antiquity. They are definitely not something new, since they've always been in style. Lately I've came across an online wig store that really made me (re)fall in love with wigs and made a little research on the subject.

For example, did you know that in the ancient Egypt both males and females wore wigs? They were made of human hair, wool or vegetable fibers. The material of the wig they wore was corelated with, of course, their social status. So, egyptians used to always shave their hair. The temperatures there were very high, so shaving their hads was something comfortable. Moreover, no hair meant no risk of getting hair lice, which were very common at that time. Still, they wanted to cover their heads with something so they invented wigs. Their purpose was also to protect their scalp from the dangerous UV rays and to prevent sunburns. So they sta...

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