A storm within our souls

music: Codruţ Croitoru

lyrics: Marius Ionescu

Everyone's talking

everybody is talking 

can't understand

I just can't figure it out

but I don't wanna hear about it

They are looking at me

They are looking at me

Like i'm some kind of freak

and I am feeling like

it's all too much to take indeed

So I am 

I am running on my way 

to a new and better day

from the storm within our souls...

Don't know what was our goal

We have lost ourselves

în the storm that's flowing now

It's a storm within our souls...

Did we choose to play these roles?

Strangers now, no more or less

Cut apart by a wire fence

And by the storm within our souls

I'm running farther

I'm running on 

a westbound train

hoping for something new

but I haven't got a clue...that 

They are looking at me

They are looking at