Fresh & Glossy Valentine’s Day Make-up Look

Hello ladies!! Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? If you’re still not sure what make-up to wear on this special day, then you can try to recreate this fresh & glossy look.

And yeah, believe it or not, I’m actually wearing a lip gloss… which comes as a surprise, since I’m not the biggest fan of this lip product. But I actually like this Anastasia gloss, because it’s highly pigmented and it has a great texture. It’s a little sticky, of course, but it feels really light and it lasts well.

I don’t know, matte lipsticks tend to make me look more grown up and mature, which is great, but sometimes I’m just not into that kind of look. And since we’re talking about a Valentine’s Day make-up, I think I did quite a good choice.

A thin winged liner, some rosy blush on the cheeks, long flirty lashes and coral lips – the perfect look for celebrating love. I’m sure that special guy in your life ...