Flowers of the Romanian Carpathians - Excellent photo album

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  • la 22-08-2010 16:31
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Beyond the fresh air and refreshing green of the woods, the mountains have a chance to see and those flowers that give color and charm fill grassland, glades and alpine pastures. Texture and also resistant plants grow wild in the foothills and mountain ridges until, finding favorable living conditions both in open field, and under trees. If some species prefer the cool neighborhood of streams, others feel at ease in swamps or putrid arbor of forest. May "bold" better "equipped" protection systems (dwarf forms or crawling, Dimensions low, thick skin with fine spikes or hairs that form a real felt pools of water in leaf tissue, etc. .) are plants that manage to "colonize" barren rocks of peaks up to 2,000 m altitude. They have to cope with arid conditions (wind, drought, frost) present almost all year round.Shapes, colors and flavors:Generally, all have something special mountain flowers. First, graceful figure, impossible to overlook. Then, color and shape, combining mountain flowers mo...