Transfagarasan - Romania

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  • la 10-12-2011 15:46
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Transfagarasan, we have summarized the road that crosses the Fagaras Mountains (highest elevation mountains in Romania, reaching maximum height in Moldoveanu Peak - 2544m) and connects the two main regions, Transylvania, Wallachia. But we can not sum up just so, with one of Transfagarasan highest altitudes in Europe, namely 2042 meters (Caldarea Ice Balea), spanning two lanes with a length of 92 km and the entire road are 27 viaducts and bridges. Between Capra and Balea Lake is the largest tunnel in the country (887m), which crosses Mount Paltinul. Undoubtedly, the most beautiful road Transfagarasan road in Romania and one of the most spectacular in Europe. Transfagarasunului Crossing manages to combine adrenaline caused by many difficult and winding road, with the fantastic. Harmony level differences, the asymmetry of the place and enchanting landscape, managed to break from reality every creature, living as the most beautiful feeling in nature.Among the objectives of tourist ...