Fredo and Pidjin: 100+ comics that made people Lol on the internet

I got to know Fredo and Pidjin the two evil pigeons for the first time some months ago, even though they are in the comics business for a while now (since 2005). Long story short, I got to know this comics because of my job, my work colleague and moreover because we both enjoy good quality humor.
As you can quickly catch the idea Fredo and Pidjin are two evil pigeons which are up to ending the world. And they do such a great job, I must say. And I am not joking, they can make people laugh and laugh and laugh and eventually everyone will either die of laughing too hard or will be catalogued as crazy and locked up somewhere because of bursting into laughter out of the blue (actually not out of the blue but by reading the comics a.k.a. procrastinating ;) )
Coming back to the main topic I just want to let you know that Fredo and Pidjin are now also in print, after 11 years of webcomic now the...

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