A Homeowner’s Guide to the Different Types of Interior Doors

When you look around your home, have you noticed how many doors you have? 

Interior doors are an essential part of your home. But they are often undervalued. 

Choosing the perfect doors can help to transform your home, adding style and personality. 

But what are the different types of interior doors? Keep reading to find out more, and choose the perfect doors for your home. 

Hinged Doors 

Hinged doors are a simple design. They are the most popular type of door in houses today and are also known as swinging doors. 

These doors have hinges on one side, which allow them to swing open and closed. Which way do you want the door to open and close? This will decide which side you put the hinges on. 

If you’re thinking of introducing these modern interior doors into your home, there are plenty of design options av...