Carpathian Mountains, Part I

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Carpathian Mountains are a mountain range belonging to the great central mountain system of Europe. Carpathian Basin caught between Vienna (which separates the Alpine chain) and lane Timok (which separates it from the Stara Planina Balkan Peninsula) forming an arc with a length of 1500 km and a maximum width of 130 km, taking place on 6 ° in latitude and longitude about 10 °. Covers the territory of seven countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania and Serbia.Carpathian mountains appears to be some medium or short, only a few areas exceeding 2000 m in altitude.The highest peak of Carpathian chain is Gerlach Peak, 2655 m, the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia and in Romania is Moldoveanu Peak, with 2544 m, situated in the Fagaras Mountains of Southern Carpathians.Unlike the Alps, the Carpathians have large mountainous and peaks in the form of large areas covered with grassland. Carpathians lies the biggest volcanic chain in Europe. Crystalline and eruptiv...

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