Carpathian Mountains Part II

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Carpathians were formed together with the entire Alpine system, the vast geosyncline of the Russian platform (the east), orogenetic caledono Hercynic (west) and African shield (the south). Since the Cretaceous, the formation of the Carpathians took place in several phases of uplifting movements, belonging orogenezei Alpine.Gained relief appearance during the Quaternary current, growing on a mosaic of rocks (crystalline schists, volcanic rocks, magmatic and sedimentary rocks).As in the Alps, Apennines and Scandinavian Mountains, the Carpathians, there are many areas with limestone and karst landforms, glacial relict landforms, structural and petrographic varied landscape.The largest division is the Tatra Mountains.Much of the Western Carpathians External western and northern Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia are traditionally appointed Beskids.Geological boundary between the Western and the Eastern Carpathians, browse around the line (from south to north) between the towns Michalovce Bardejo...