Chamois, Carpathian coat of arms

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  • la 22-07-2010 07:45
  • de Cornel
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Steep ridges chamois protects wolves, but not by poachers.I was Guţanu in Bucegi, in a place where the path to the slope creep among spruce stands, mountain pine and grassland, and so well camouflaged that no hunting, no hunting is not indifferent to me. Pack of wolves seemed close enough to manage the herd of black goats and I was wondering if and how can I prevent a massacre. For I must admit, though goat hunting by wolves is part of more settled order of nature, I found it difficult to remain completely neutral: chamois is one of my favorites since 1984 and have been involved with the monitoring, restocking and research devoted to this species. But the goats I have saved the dilemma: immediately jumped on a policy difficult to access, where watched with interest his efforts to climb walls wolves. The talented climber of the wolves managed to achieve the policy, but in that moment, several elegant leaps, goats climbed on a porch and more difficult to reach, just above it. Instead of...