Goodbye Romania 2020

Ania Rom, born 1881, Earth, Milkyway, left us on the 5th of August, 2020. On that sad day of departure, Gary Hun did cry. They were close.Ania was born as royalty, to a loving father from the west. He was a true king, and a man of greatness. His grandson was even greater and his main problems came from the fact that he was constantly great. Some still argue he was a great example of Priaspism.His Priapism caused her many problems and during his reign, she always felt unstable.After 1942 her ex-girlfriend Many Ger got her bitch-slapping revenge. Then Ssia Ru... then many others.Those children that remained with her stole everything from her and made her go bankrupt.Her final statement was brief and it summed up all her life: "I can't stand because of the gayness !". At her death, an owl did laugh and all the drunk from their graves threw a slumber party and we danced.Go and Piss, beloved Rom Ani

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