Leaking Window? How to Fix It Yourself

Household issues are a nightmare – especially when they can go on to cause further damage if not fixed right away.

If your window starts to leak, this has the potential to get worse and worse. So it’s best to know how you can fix it yourself.

Here are our tips on how to tackle a leaking window.

Window Caulking

The caulking runs around the window as a form of sealant. This can wear down over time and needs to be re-applied. Especially if the window lets in moisture more than it should.

Remove the loose or peeling caulking before you re-apply. DON’T seal over existing caulking.

Clean the area the caulking was applied so you have a debris-free surface and allow this to dry. If it is wet, new caulking will not stick adequately and it is likely to come loose again.

Caulking is ...