Romania defeated by water. To how much time?

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  • la 18-07-2010 05:12
  • de Cornel
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Authorities promise that will allow residents of Ceatalchioi building materials, to raise other homes. But only if the water is withdrawn from the village. That means in about three months after the findings of specialists. Too close for winter to start work in May. Until next year, in spring, if they could do something. Accommodate the victims in Tulcea fear of the authorities nor the second version: modular houses, constructed of wood, not too much help. First to repair broken dam the Danube, so as not to wake again take the waters. For nearly 100 people in total flooded area left the situation is even worse. There have packed on a piece of intact dam water or sleep on chairs, the ship Mircesti. Not a day passes without care physicians to be called to many elders, all heart. Virtually dozens of people living on a boat and get only canned food, bread and biscuits. Are older people who do not have anyone in the world. I like it enough to have appeared Ceatalchioi profiteers. Those who