Why should you use social media for business

Photo cred: Damien do ToitHow can social media benefit my business? I'm sure that you asked yourself this question at least once since you've first heard of social media.
Before going into details, I'd like to make it clear that a business who should use social media is not necessary a large or well established company. Everyone can benefit from using it. Even we, here at Marketing Affairs are going to use social media channels to reach out to you. There are a couple of points that I'd like to cover up in this post regarding the subject.
Why use social media in the first place?
Well, that's pretty easy to guess, since you are already have at least 1 account on the social networks. But, for a business this might be a good incentive:
the costs are smaller comparing them to the traditional advertising methods; due to sharing specific words, pictures, videos or audio files your company gets a lot more VISIBILITY; you're not the only on...