Charles and Carlos

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 Once upon a time there was a hippopotamus. His name was Charles and he lived in a building block in a suburb of Mijik City. 

Charles was depressed and  fed up with neighbors complaining all the time. He could barely walk in his own flat because the whole building was shaking and everybody (except him) got terrified. So he was basically stuck in his apartment. 

Ding Dong!

- Mr. Charles! There´s post for you. 

- It´s open. (Said Charles). Come on in. 

The postman entered and, slightly distressed, handed Charles his letter.

- God day, sir. (Said the postman. Then he turned around and left)

Charles looked at the envelope where it was written with big letters: EVACUATION NOTICE!

He had an intuition about who and why is getting evacuated, but read the letter anyway. 

"The neighbors committee of Blooming Flower Street number 115B unanimously votes for the evacuation of Mr. Charles Smith a.k.a. Mr. Hippo ...