Me and God

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  • la 26-07-2022 09:12
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God: Ada? ... Ada!

Ada: Who is there? Satan? Is that you?

God: No, it´s Me.

Ada: Me who?

God: God.

Ada: Oh, shit! Really? 

God: Really.

Ada: Have I done something wrong? Am I dying?

God: Everybody is constantly doing something wrong and no, you are not dying (yet). Just wanted to hang out. 

Ada: Oh! ... Sure! Ok. So ... what´s up?

God: Do you have something to drink?

Ada: Just some lousy vodka. Should we have some shots? 

God: What the hell, bring it on!

Ada: Righto!

( Full of delight I went in the kitchen and brought two small  shot glasses and a bottle of shitty vodka. There is a special kind of happiness surrounding me when I serve shots. I poured one for me and one for God. )

Ada: Do you know how to drink it?

( God lifted His right eyebrow and looked at me with great disappointment. Then He lifted up the glass and said ... )

God: Here´s to us...

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