Funeralienation- Part III- What Are Friends For?

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(Part I- here  

Part II- here )

- Let´s hear some music, no? ( Said Simona ) 


- Oh, good idea. I didn´t know what was missing. (Retorted Valentina) Do you think he is going to be alright? 

- I couldn´t care less. I had a bad feeling about this journey from the beginning, but ... we just had this crazy situation because of this  funeral and stuff. He picked up a bad day to piss me off. I am still coming to terms with George´s death myself

- What were you? Also cousins, or what?

- He was my paternal grandfather´s only daughter-in-law´s brother.

. Mhm. 

- We were quite close, you know. Maybe the closest from all family member...