Me about time and other stuff

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  • la 26-09-2023 22:43
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It's me again.

Me? Me who?

I put a lot of thought lately about this blog, just another thing that I have a tough time letting go. This blog ... my stories ... my story. 

As much as I tried, I just can't write like that anymore. To think that I was 22-23 when I started this blog and now I am slowly moving towards 40. 

40 ... It is something, right?

Almost 20 years of Fiery Red. I should make an anniversary post soon. 

The main point is that I would rather adapt and keep writing stuff here through this new lens then just give it up. I love this place.

Nobody reads blog posts anymore (What a shame ...), so it is more like me talking to myself in some empty space. Which is not so bad. 

Long story short, If you are reading this post and are new to this, or to me, or whatever, I will tell you this: 

My name is Ada and I am a (belly) dancer. I have a strange relationship with time. Always felt as I was born too late o...